Self-tensioning and self-centring 7 mm chain. The only one allowing a true reduced dynamic size by means of two automatic tensioners. Without metal components in touch with the rims.

  • True 7 mm size, made of high quality hardened steel.
  • No need for chain retensioning thanks to the automatic tensioning and centering device, easy and fast, equipped with finger protection.
  • Clack&Go™Technology. Patented.
  • NEW Plastic housings for retaining the metal components.
  • Without any parts that cut across the rim.
  • Compatible tire sizes available in the Downloads section.

Ease of fitting
Traction capacity
Driving comfort
Clack & Go
Also knows as M45
Maximum inside clearence 7 mm
Self tensioning devices 2 - With Clack & Go technology
ABS compatible Yes
ESP compatible Yes